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Don Martindale’s Book on Minnesota Sociology

Long after leaving Minnesota I began to wonder whether there was any published discussion on Minnesota symbolic interaction and what happened to it in 1971. Finally, I put a question on the email SSSI-talk list (in October 2011) to find … Continue reading

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Minnesota 1971-1972

Finding an American University to study for the Ph.D: I looked through the world yearbook of universities, the latest issue was already a couple of years old in 1969. I drew up a shortlist of likely departments, most on the West … Continue reading

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Geoff Sharp

First Published in jimsresearchnotes 3 Oct 2011 One of the most interesting points Jock Young makes in The Criminological Imagination (p. 208) is that the early criminology literature was part of “the deconstructionist impulse” which began in the United States in the early … Continue reading

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National Deviancy Symposium 1968-1973

Before leaving the Department of Sociology at Aberdeen University I went to two meetings of the National Deviancy Symposium at York in 1969 and 1970. as well as publishing, together with Gerry Popplestone, an article on labelling theory. I had also bought three … Continue reading

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Alan G. Davis: 1941-1996: an appreciation

First Published in jimsresearchnotes 26 January 2010, minor revisions 12 Aug 2014 I was first introduced to symbolic interaction in 1966 when Alan Davis invited me to apply for an assistant lectureship at Aberdeen. At the time I was at … Continue reading

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