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Symbolic Interaction in Housing Research

Even if Housing, Theory and Society has very little symbolic interaction evident this only reflects the lack of contributions in the perspective, which says more about the state of housing research than reflecting on the journal. But Keith Jacobs, Jim Kemeny … Continue reading

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Constructionism in Housing Research

The highlight of my constructionist writing came right at the end of my working life in Keith Jacobs, Jim Kemeny and Tony Manci Social Constructionism in Housing Research, (Ashgate 2004): The publisher information describes it as follows: By stressing the … Continue reading

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Housing, Theory and Society

When I returned to Sweden in 1996, I was asked by Bengt Turner to take on the Editorship of Scandinavian Housing and Planning Research. I did so on the understanding that I could change the name and orientation of the … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research

This post’s title is also the title of a book by Professor Robert Prus, Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada. Its full title is Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research: Intersubjectivity and the Study of Human Lived Experience (State University of New York Press, 1996). … Continue reading

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Keeping My Symbolic Interactionism Alive

Introduction: In this post I will try to explain how I kept my research interest in symbolic interaction alive. My last post on the ordoliberalism blog was about the way my interest in ordoliberalism grew after leaving Minnesota: I did … Continue reading

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