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Social Construction of Industry

It is axiomatic that everything in society is socially constructed, but we are more aware of this in theory because there are still many areas in which we take for granted the “naturalness” of certain aspects of social structure. In … Continue reading

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Peter M. Hall

Peter M. Hall received his Sociology Ph.D. from Minnesota University in 1963 (see his University of Missouri home page, and his Colorado State University CV. An early publication by Hall was “A Symbolic Interactionist Analysis of Politics”  Sociological Inquiry 1972 42, … Continue reading

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Faberman and Criminogenic Markets

“A Criminogenic Market Structure: the automobile Industry”  by Harvey A. Farberman was published in The Sociological Quarterly in 1975. I read it while I was a Lecturer in Politics at Adelaide University and thought the whole idea of criminogenic markets was very … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction in Process: Introduction

Two symbolic interactionists who did their Ph.D.s at Minnesota University in the early 1960s, are Harvey A. Farberman and Peter M. Hall. I was corresponding with Harvey Farberman over his 1975 article on Criminogenic Markets, which I will examine in another … Continue reading

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Repair Work in the Sociology of Science

In The Social Construction of Housing Facts I kept close to Latour and Woolgar’s approach in Laboratory Life: the social construction of scientific facts (1979). I considered using some of Goffman’s concepts to enrich the analysis but decided that it … Continue reading

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How Did Ordoliberalism Replace Symbolic Interactionism?

First Published as…interactionism/ Published here with minor revisions. Introduction: I’ve been a symbolic interactionist ever since going to Aberdeen in the mid 1960s. At the same time I’ve never published a book on interactionism, nor even an article in one of the … Continue reading

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Authors of the Storm

Authors of the Storm: Symbolic Interactionists are not especially known for their approach to understanding weather. The main work on an interactionist understanding of weather prediction is the book by Gary Alan Fine “Authors of the Storm: meteorologists and the Culture of Prediction” … Continue reading

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Sociometry and the two Social Psychologies

First published in jimsresearchnotes 21 Jan 2011 Introduction: Social Psychology sub-divided at a relatively early stage into two sub-disciplines, sociological and psychological (see the two Wikipedia entries on social psychology (sociology) and social psychology. Sociological social psychology and psychological social psychology … Continue reading

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Social Construction of Weather

First Published 29 May 2009 (subsequently revised) The Sociology of Weather Science: Introduction I stumbled my way into writing a paper on the sociology of weather science, when I was applying for residence in Australia. In 1974 I made several visits to Australia … Continue reading

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Ways of “doing” Symbolic Interactionist Research

In situ research or ‘doing’ whatever situated activity of everyday life is being researched involves the researchers immersing themselves into the situated activity in question. It is a particular approach to research that interactionists have made their own. Prus is … Continue reading

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