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Sociology of Science: a sociological pilgrimage

I have always been fascinated by Mike Mulkay’s studies of sciences. The Sociology of Science: a pilgrimage was written by Mulkay towards the end of his career. Several of his publications were attempts to separate the characteristics of specific studies of … Continue reading

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Jack Douglas by John M. Johnson

John M. Johnson “The Vision and Broken Heart of Jack D. Douglas” in Symbolic Interaction  (2015, preview). I have read the preview of this article and it told me a lot about the man and his background. What a hard … Continue reading

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Editor’s Choice: John Johnson on Jack Douglas’ #sssi #emca #phenomenology

Originally posted on Symbolic Interaction (Journal) Blog:
Many SSSI members and scholars in symbolic interactionism as well as sociologists with an interest in ethnomethodology, phenomenology, existential sociology know Jack Douglas and his contribution. But even those more experienced interactionists might…

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Towards Interactionist Housing Sociology

It was my Housing Studies article “Defining Housing Reality” (1988) that encouraged me to work on an empirical interactionist study. The full reference and the Abstract are: 1988 “Defining housing reality: ideological hegemony and power in housing research” Housing Studies … Continue reading

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The Social Construction of Housing Facts

The Social Construction of Housing Facts First published in jimsresearchnotes 18 January 2011 Copyright: These papers are drafts only but may be cited or quoted. They may be downloaded for personal use but they may not be reproduced or published elsewhere … Continue reading

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Social Construction of Scientific Facts

Social Construction of Scientific Facts, first published in jimsresearchnotes 14 Jan 2010, revised 13 April 2015. Background: One of my enduring interests has been the constructionist sociology of science, from the late 1960s by reading Kuhn (1962) and Fell (1960). Fell (1960) was … Continue reading

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The Sociology of Science

One sociologist at Aberdeen University in the late 1960s almost single-handedly developed the sociology of science: Mike Mulkay: Michael Joseph Mulkay (born 1936) is a retired British sociologist of science. He worked as a reader and researcher at the University of Cambridge until … Continue reading

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