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Ritual on the Radio

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I realized the other day that I rarely listen to music on the radio. In fact, considering how much of my time is spent listening to music, this seemed rather odd to me…

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Making things anthropologically strange

Harold Garfinkel once talked about doing sociology as making things “anthropological strange”. I made this point in my first book “The Myth of Home Ownership” (Routledge Direct Edition, 1981 Ch.6 “Swedish cost-renting in crisis” p.91), the introductory paragraph on Sweden … Continue reading

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Musical Technologies of Memory

Originally posted on Symbolic Interaction Music Blog:
I have an electric guitar in my office. Cherry red and white, it lives on a little stand situated between one of my bookshelves and a file cabinet. Sometimes when I get stuck…

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Thinking about the Meaning of Records

Originally posted on Symbolic Interaction Music Blog:
Every year, I celebrate a holiday that is dear to my heart by waking up early in the morning, visiting stores crowded with far more people than I find in these same stores…

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Defining Housing Reality: Ideological Hegemony and Power in Housing Research

In 1988 Housing Studies published the article that proved to be my last contribution to symbolic interactionist research, until the final burst of activity at the end of my working career, together with Keith Jacobs and Tony Manci, but also David … Continue reading

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Chicago Sociology Includes Symbolic Interactionism

Posted on September 23, 2011 in jimsresearchnotes Thomas Theorem: “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences” W. I. Thomas, 1928 The Second Chicago School of Sociology is little known in urban studies. To be more accurate, Robert Park and Ernest Burgess and others – notably Louis Wirth and Herbert … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Aberdeen Symbolic Interactionism?

Raymond Illsley had a programme grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC). There was never any doubt that he would get it. Aberdeen already had a large and thriving group of teachers and students interested in symbolic interactionism. It is … Continue reading

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