Thinking about the Meaning of Records

The study of music as a reflection of our time has become a significant part of symbolic interaction. This blog is a manifestation of that. I look forward to seeing more.

Symbolic Interaction Music Blog

Every year, I celebrate a holiday that is dear to my heart by waking up early in the morning, visiting stores crowded with far more people than I find in these same stores on other days of the year, trading messages with loved ones (some who participate and some who do not) about my journey throughout the day, and talking with a lot of other people who love music for a wide variety of reasons. The same way other people dramatically alter their daily routines and patterns of interaction for other religious or cultural celebrations of various sorts, I transform into a kid at a candy store each year for Record Store Day. While I likely could (and probably will at some point) write much about Record Store Day itself, in this post I want to put on my interactionist glasses concerning the question I hear most during my…

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