Pain Soundtracks

I believe music plays a large part in many people’s lives. Just today I was listening to several of my favourite you-tube pieces. I’ve added “write where it hurts” to the blogs I follow.

Symbolic Interaction Music Blog

This past Saturday, some colleagues and I launched a new blog project called Write Where It Hurts in hopes of starting a collective conversation about the emotional aspects of teaching, research, and service. As we launched the site with our first post and shared our vision with a post on another academic blog called Conditionally Accepted, I found myself thinking about the use of music to manage pain and other negative emotions.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve often turned to a handful of artists whenever life feels terrible. Whether I’m sad, angry, insecure, exhausted, experiencing bouts of depression with or without noticeable stimuli, or grieving a loss, I typically crank up my stereo (often either in a car while driving aimlessly or in my headphones while roaming around aimlessly) and just let the songs wash over me, sing along in a cracked voice, and wait for the latest…

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