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Ideology in Board Games

This was a rough draft of a paper I wrote before leaving Aberdeen. The background to this was in the informal circle of gamers that I was a member of at Aberdeen before Kerstin and I left in 1970 to … Continue reading

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Gary Alan Fine’s books

I have had a long-standing interest in the body of works that comprise Gary Alan Fine’s books, or his “phenomenology-based ethnography” as Dirk vom Lehn calls it in the preceding post. One has already been published on this blog. Authors of … Continue reading

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Phenomenology-based Ethnography: Special Issue Journal of Contemporary Ethnography #sssi #emca #sociology

Originally posted on Interaction, Organisation & Technology:
Two or three years ago, I met Gary Alan Fine, the ethnographer and sociologist who wrote such wonderful books on restaurant kitchens, young orators in high school debating societies, mushroom collectors and many…

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Tank Doctrines: a Negotiated Order approach

This article came from an idea I had in the late 1960’s when I wrote a draft paper on “Ideology in Boardgames”. At the time I was very excited by the work being done in the York Deviancy Symposium by … Continue reading

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A Book is a Negotiated Order

A Book is a Negotiated Order First Published in jimsresearchnotes 5 Sept 2012 This post was published in the spring but taken offline to edit and develop it – which I did, but then I just forgot to post the … Continue reading

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Against the Symbolic Interactionism Dogma? Radical Interactionism enters into force

This book review by Yves Laberge in Symbolic Interaction deals with what he terms radical interactionism, generalising to symbolic interactionism. This is something I have been aware of in my own writings – it is what I refer to in this … Continue reading

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Julius Roth on Negotiating release from a TB sanitorium

Updated version of the post in jimsresearchnotes on Julius Roth Timetables 26 June 2012. Many dead links had to be replaced or abandoned. Tuberculosis used to be a scourge of poverty and was widespread during the era of laissez-faire especially coinciding with rapid … Continue reading

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Paranoia and the Dynamics of Exclusion

This is the subject of a lecture given by Geoff Sharp in the late 1960s. I dedicate it to his memory. Paranoia and the Dynamics of Exclusion Posted on February 10, 2011 by jimsresearchnotes Classic “mental illness” explanations and beyond: Edwin M. Lemert was one of … Continue reading

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