Gary Alan Fine’s Work

Gary Alan Fine has traditionally published books, each one on a different topic. I had begun to do longer reviews and appreciations of these during 2015: Shared Fantasy (Nov 19th 2015), Morel Tales (3 August 2915), and the introductory post on Fine’s published books (July 27 2015) are the recent posts in My Symbolic Interaction on his work. His interest in Anselm Strauss’ negotiated order theory has particularly inspired me, as I have written on this extensively in the years before I retired.

But Fine’s focus has shifted markedly since then from books to jointly authored articles and he has published a stream of articles on a wide range of topics. The most interesting has been his transformation of Sociometry into Social Psychology Quarterly after a period as editor of Sociometry. See my post of 10 June 2014 on this. Others I will discuss in later posts, which will only be dips into his more recent work. Some of these are:

Fine’s Presidential Address to the Society for the Study of Social Problems on the Chaining of Social Problems.

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