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Tank Doctrines: a Negotiated Order approach

This article came from an idea I had in the late 1960’s when I wrote a draft paper on “Ideology in Boardgames”. At the time I was very excited by the work being done in the York Deviancy Symposium by … Continue reading

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A Book is a Negotiated Order

A Book is a Negotiated Order First Published in jimsresearchnotes 5 Sept 2012 This post was published in the spring but taken offline to edit and develop it – which I did, but then I just forgot to post the … Continue reading

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An Interactionist Approach to Macro Sociology

An early version of this paper was published in jimsresearchnotes 5 April 2012 When I resigned from my lectureship at Aberdeen University to go to Minnesota it was to do a dissertation that was going to be a study of … Continue reading

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Housing, Theory and Society

When I returned to Sweden in 1996, I was asked by Bengt Turner to take on the Editorship of Scandinavian Housing and Planning Research. I did so on the understanding that I could change the name and orientation of the … Continue reading

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