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Gary Alan Fine’s Work

Gary Alan Fine has traditionally published books, each one on a different topic. I had begun to do longer reviews and appreciations of these during 2015: Shared Fantasy (Nov 19th 2015), Morel Tales (3 August 2915), and the introductory post on Fine’s published … Continue reading

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Tank Doctrines: a Negotiated Order approach

This article came from an idea I had in the late 1960’s when I wrote a draft paper on “Ideology in Boardgames”. At the time I was very excited by the work being done in the York Deviancy Symposium by … Continue reading

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A Book is a Negotiated Order

A Book is a Negotiated Order First Published in jimsresearchnotes 5 Sept 2012 This post was published in the spring but taken offline to edit and develop it – which I did, but then I just forgot to post the … Continue reading

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Chicago Sociology Includes Symbolic Interactionism

Posted on September 23, 2011 in jimsresearchnotes Thomas Theorem: “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences” W. I. Thomas, 1928 The Second Chicago School of Sociology is little known in urban studies. To be more accurate, Robert Park and Ernest Burgess and others – notably Louis Wirth and Herbert … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction and Power: structure versus agency

Symbolic Interaction and Power: structure vs agency (First published in jimsresearchnotes 17 Dec 2009). This is part 9 in a series of research notes on Structure vs Agency in urban research The heritage of the Gouldner critique One of the most … Continue reading

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The Micro-Macro Distinction in Sociology: a symbolic interactionist approach

First Published in jimsresearchnotes 15 May 2012 This was the title of a manuscript I tried to get published as a book. I can’t remember which publisher I sent it to, but it was turned down.  Although the title was the same as … Continue reading

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