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Shared Fantasy

I once wrote the draft of a paper called “Ideology in Board Games”. I tried to show how ideology comes into every aspect of our lives. Board games like those from Avalon Hill Battle of the Bulge, an early form of … Continue reading

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The Sociology of Science

One sociologist at Aberdeen University in the late 1960s almost single-handedly developed the sociology of science: Mike Mulkay: Michael Joseph Mulkay (born 1936) is a retired British sociologist of science. He worked as a reader and researcher at the University of Cambridge until … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction and Power: structure versus agency

Symbolic Interaction and Power: structure vs agency (First published in jimsresearchnotes 17 Dec 2009). This is part 9 in a series of research notes on Structure vs Agency in urban research The heritage of the Gouldner critique One of the most … Continue reading

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The Radical Roots of Symbolic Interactionism

Early symbolic interaction was strongly influenced by critical criminology. Edwin Sutherland was both a critical criminologist and a symbolic interactionist: “Edwin Hardin Sutherland (Gibbon, Nebraska August 13, 1883 – October 11, 1950 Bloomington, Indiana) was an American sociologist. He is considered as one of the most … Continue reading

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Peter M. Hall

Peter M. Hall received his Sociology Ph.D. from Minnesota University in 1963 (see his University of Missouri home page, and his Colorado State University CV. An early publication by Hall was “A Symbolic Interactionist Analysis of Politics”  Sociological Inquiry 1972 42, … Continue reading

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Repair Work in the Sociology of Science

In The Social Construction of Housing Facts I kept close to Latour and Woolgar’s approach in Laboratory Life: the social construction of scientific facts (1979). I considered using some of Goffman’s concepts to enrich the analysis but decided that it … Continue reading

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