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Gary Alan Fine’s Work

Gary Alan Fine has traditionally published books, each one on a different topic. I had begun to do longer reviews and appreciations of these during 2015: Shared Fantasy (Nov 19th 2015), Morel Tales (3 August 2915), and the introductory post on Fine’s published … Continue reading

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Shared Fantasy

I once wrote the draft of a paper called “Ideology in Board Games”. I tried to show how ideology comes into every aspect of our lives. Board games like those from Avalon Hill Battle of the Bulge, an early form of … Continue reading

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Morel Tales: the culture of mushrooming

I did not realise the culture of mushrooming in the USA was such a very social activity. But looking up http://minnesotamycologicalsociety.org confirms that it is. Nor did I fully understand that searching for mushrooms was so intensely cooperative. I have only ever … Continue reading

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Ideology in Board Games

This was a rough draft of a paper I wrote before leaving Aberdeen. The background to this was in the informal circle of gamers that I was a member of at Aberdeen before Kerstin and I left in 1970 to … Continue reading

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Gary Alan Fine’s books

I have had a long-standing interest in the body of works that comprise Gary Alan Fine’s books, or his “phenomenology-based ethnography” as Dirk vom Lehn calls it in the preceding post. One has already been published on this blog. Authors of … Continue reading

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Examples of Ethnographic Research: Introduction

In looking at particular case studies of ethnographic research I want to give a sense of the richness and variety of the symbolic interactionist tradition of empirical research in urban sociology. It is a tradition that, with the very one-sided … Continue reading

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An Interactionist Approach to Macro Sociology

An early version of this paper was published in jimsresearchnotes 5 April 2012 When I resigned from my lectureship at Aberdeen University to go to Minnesota it was to do a dissertation that was going to be a study of … Continue reading

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