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Gary Alan Fine

Apart from the year I spent at Minnesota University, I have never known or met a senior U.S. symbolic interactionist until 2003, when Gary Alan Fine had a visiting fellowship at SCASSS. I invited him to come to Uppsala Sociology to … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction in Process: Introduction

Two symbolic interactionists who did their Ph.D.s at Minnesota University in the early 1960s, are Harvey A. Farberman and Peter M. Hall. I was corresponding with Harvey Farberman over his 1975 article on Criminogenic Markets, which I will examine in another … Continue reading

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Don Martindale’s Book on Minnesota Sociology

Long after leaving Minnesota I began to wonder whether there was any published discussion on Minnesota symbolic interaction and what happened to it in 1971. Finally, I put a question on the email SSSI-talk list (in October 2011) to find … Continue reading

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Minnesota 1971-1972

Finding an American University to study for the Ph.D: I looked through the world yearbook of universities, the latest issue was already a couple of years old in 1969. I drew up a shortlist of likely departments, most on the West … Continue reading

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