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Robert Prus on The New (Constructionist) Sociology of Science

In Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research (pp. 94-98, 1996) Robert Prus examines the Sociology of Science that Mike Mulkay pioneered. Originating in the work of Robert Merton (1957, 1973) and Thomas Kuhn (1962), Mulkay developed a post-Mertonian sociology of Science. … Continue reading

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The Social Construction of Housing Facts

The Social Construction of Housing Facts First published in jimsresearchnotes 18 January 2011 Copyright: These papers are drafts only but may be cited or quoted. They may be downloaded for personal use but they may not be reproduced or published elsewhere … Continue reading

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The Sociology of Science

One sociologist at Aberdeen University in the late 1960s almost single-handedly developed the sociology of science: Mike Mulkay: Michael Joseph Mulkay (born 1936) is a retired British sociologist of science. He worked as a reader and researcher at the University of Cambridge until … Continue reading

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