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Gary Alan Fine’s Work

Gary Alan Fine has traditionally published books, each one on a different topic. I had begun to do longer reviews and appreciations of these during 2015: Shared Fantasy (Nov 19th 2015), Morel Tales (3 August 2915), and the introductory post on Fine’s published … Continue reading

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A Book is a Negotiated Order

A Book is a Negotiated Order First Published in jimsresearchnotes 5 Sept 2012 This post was published in the spring but taken offline to edit and develop it – which I did, but then I just forgot to post the … Continue reading

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Paranoia and the Dynamics of Exclusion

This is the subject of a lecture given by Geoff Sharp in the late 1960s. I dedicate it to his memory. Paranoia and the Dynamics of Exclusion Posted on February 10, 2011 by jimsresearchnotes Classic “mental illness” explanations and beyond: Edwin M. Lemert was one of … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction and Power: structure versus agency

Symbolic Interaction and Power: structure vs agency (First published in jimsresearchnotes 17 Dec 2009). This is part 9 in a series of research notes on Structure vs Agency in urban research The heritage of the Gouldner critique One of the most … Continue reading

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Sociometry and the two Social Psychologies

First published in jimsresearchnotes 21 Jan 2011 Introduction: Social Psychology sub-divided at a relatively early stage into two sub-disciplines, sociological and psychological (see the two Wikipedia entries on social psychology (sociology) and social psychology. Sociological social psychology and psychological social psychology … Continue reading

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