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Against the Symbolic Interactionism Dogma? Radical Interactionism enters into force

This book review by Yves Laberge in Symbolic Interaction deals with what he terms radical interactionism, generalising to symbolic interactionism. This is something I have been aware of in my own writings – it is what I refer to in this … Continue reading

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Jack Douglas by John M. Johnson

John M. Johnson “The Vision and Broken Heart of Jack D. Douglas” in Symbolic Interaction  (2015, preview). I have read the preview of this article and it told me a lot about the man and his background. What a hard … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction in Process: Introduction

Two symbolic interactionists who did their Ph.D.s at Minnesota University in the early 1960s, are Harvey A. Farberman and Peter M. Hall. I was corresponding with Harvey Farberman over his 1975 article on Criminogenic Markets, which I will examine in another … Continue reading

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