Social Constructionism in Housing Research

Just before retiring I wrote my last piece of original research that was published in Keith Jacobs, Jim Kemeny and Tony Manci (eds) Social Constructionism in Housing Research (Ashgate, 2004). A copy of the chapter is on a separate page of this blog. It is now more than 10 years old. There is also an abstract only:

I greatly enjoyed writing this chapter, it gave me an outlet for a long period of interactionist silence on my part since my Housing Studies article of 1988 (this link is to view the post on this blog, dated 11 May 2015). But because it is about housing research I hoped it might have been more of interest to researchers in the journal Social Problems, especially the Society for the Study of Social Problems, of which I am still a member. The joint edited book and another book in social housing that I authored both appeared in one of the newsletters of the SSSP, that of the Division of Sociology and Social Welfare:

The other contribution directly of interest to symbolic interactionists was a chapter by Max Travers, now Senior Lecturer in Sociology at University of Tasmania, where Keith Jacobs, now Professor, is also based. Max Travers “The Philosophical Assumptions of Constructionism” (Chapter 2) using the work of Berger and Luckmann, Winch, Schutz, Kuhn, and Wittgenstein, to write an interesting contribution that included discussing,  Howard Becker, Edwin Lemert, Garfinkel and Goffman. Another interesting chapter was by Michael Darcy and Tony Manci on Organisational Research: conflict and power in UK and Australian Housing Organisations.


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